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Best Week Ever For Superman: 30.50 Pts in 1 Day – 79.25 Pts In 1 Week (Possible $39,000)

No cryptonite found in the area this week.

I think even Superman is even at a lost for words with this weeks results.  A grand total of over 30 pts for today and nearly 80 points for the week.  In Superman’s own words:

+30.50 for today & I quit at 14:00. Have a splitting headache LOL.”

He is one of our best Master Traders and this is exactly the reason why we call him Superman. This is a new high for Superman who this year alone was able to have four 20 point days in a row.  This is actually his best week ever.  We always like to think in points and not monetary values to assist with the psychology of trading. But to really put this into perspective, if Superman was trading 10 contracts alone he would have been able to make $39,625. Exactly.

What someone makes in a year after graduating from college is what Superman was able to make this week.

This is one of the reasons why we are starting our day trading centers around the world.  The opportunity to give those less fortunate the ability to have these kinds of results. If you are new to the site you may not realize that we are funding these traders.

We have already had 8 traders go live in our Colombian trading center and our Brazil trading center is almost up and running.

Here are his results for the week

7/28 AM  + 7.00  PM  + 1.25  Total  + 8.25  W/L  45.8%
7/29 AM  + 6.50  PM  + 9.00  Total + 15.50  W/L 85.7%
7/30 AM  + 4.75  PM  + 5.25  Total + 10.00  W/L 52.0%
7/31 AM  + 7.75  PM  + 7.25  Total + 15.00  W/L 62.5%
8/01 AM  + 13.75 PM  +16.75 Total + 30.50  W/L 67.9%

I want everyone to pay specific attention to the way that he keeps track of his results. On this charts below you will see that he keeps track of results PER TRADE. Splits that into afternoon and morning sessions. This is the reason why Superman is as good as he is.  Keeping such details statistics of his results allow him to improve every minuscule part of his trading.

This is a lesson for every aspiring trader to learn.

He has adjusted the time that he trades to start later in the day because he has seen that his results improve.  He has single handedly accounted for more than 50% of the improvement, addition, and creation of the DTA training program.  He also has added invaluable information to our Pro’s Room.

Everyone wants to see results like this.


But the question is do you want to work that hard to get where he is?  Here is a video giving you a bit of background on Superman.

And you know what the best part about Superman is? He is one of the nicest, friendliest, down to Earth, people that you will ever meet in the world. We are very lucky to call him a good friend and have us helping and inspiring all of our traders to get better.

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