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Meeting With DTA Student Trader Manny Cabrera

Day Trading in Venice"Day Trading in Venice with one of our Graduate Master Traders Manny"

We frankly didn’t do much day trading in Venice.  But the view as you can see was quite impressive.  We met up with one of our student traders recently when he took his entire family to Italy.  As I happen to be known as the WanderingTrader I couldn’t pass up the chance to be there for this special event.  This was the view from the hotel room in Venice right on the Grand Canal. We plan on sharing our tour here on […]

How To Start Living the American Dream

the american dream, american dream

I live my American Dream traveling & day trading, how do you want to live yours? Starting to live the American Dream is based on the sole premise that there is always an opportunity to make money no matter what circumstances you are in.  I truly believe this as I can attest to starting from nothing and getting to the point where I am able to day trade and travel around the world (check out my travel blog).  I would agree that we […]

The Basics of Day Trading

There is a vast world out there that many people don’t know about.  A different world with a unique language and a distinct set of people that are involved.  Day Trading is one of the most profitable businesses in the world for companies selling day trading software and training, as well as massive banks that have day trading operations around the world. In order to get started with day trading you have to understand how that specific world works. When you learn […]