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Meeting With DTA Student Trader Manny Cabrera

Day Trading in Venice

“Day Trading in Venice with one of our student traders Manny Cabrera”

We frankly didn’t do much day trading in Venice.  But the view as you can see was quite impressive.  We met up with one of our student traders recently when he took his entire family to Italy.  As I happen to be known as the WanderingTrader I couldn’t pass up the chance to be there for this special event.  This was the view from the hotel room in Venice right on the Grand Canal. We plan on sharing our tour here on The Day Trading Academy Blog.  We recently took a trip around the world to visit all of our traders that have quit their jobs and have starting doing what Manny has done.

This is really what it means to day trade for us and I had to be there for Manny’s special moment when he took his entire family to Italy all with day trading income.  Look forward to the next trip my man!

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