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How To Start Living the American Dream

I live my American Dream traveling & day trading, how do you want to live yours?

This is my dream... whats yours?

Starting to live the American Dream is based on the sole premise that there is always an opportunity to make money no matter what circumstances you are in.  I truly believe this as I can attest to starting from nothing and getting to the point where I am able to day trade and travel around the world (check out my travel blog).  I would agree that we all have to find ways to make money in a recession which is one of the reasons that I day trade.

I wasn’t born the United States, my parents parent* didn’t have any money, and I started working (under the table) at 12 years old.  If I can start living the American Dream then there is no excuse why you can’t either.

My one dream isn’t to be a millionaire, it was to have my freedom

All I wanted in life was to have enough freedom to travel, help my friends and family when they need it, and have enough money where I wouldn’t have to worry about paying my bills.  I wouldn’t call myself a millionaire or even very wealthy but I would say that I do have my freedom.  Freedom to me is more valuable than money.

the american dream, american dreamI was born in a third world country, came to the United States without being a United States citizen, moved to Florida with my not only my mother and sister, but also my cousin and aunt.

I started working at 12 years old and was working 2 jobs by the age of 15, 4 jobs by the age of 16.  Working more and more for someone else is the way to get ahead in life right? Wrong.

I did everything like sell cd’s when the first cd burner was released and even sold left over bakery products for breakfast at my high school.  Eventually I reached a point where I needed to think of something that I could actually call a career… a profession… a lifestyle.

Day Trading is a lifestyle not a profession

I’ve been day trading close to 10 years now and I wasn’t successful right away.  It took me roughly 3 or 4 years to really start making money after a disaster, taking out $25,000 in student loans to start day trading.  Did I mention that I lost the $25,000 in a month?  An almost 20 year college student making $10 something dollars an hour at a dead end job.

Is the American dream dead?  Some say that the American Dream is dead, I don’t agree.  While its harder to make money in today’s economy it’s not impossible.  Most people are looking for a way out in order to achieve their dreams but they just don’t know what to do, I think everyone can do it via day trading.  With a very small investment you can start making thousands of dollars of days.  Don’t believe me?  Have a look at the income statements from different traders on this site.

I’m doing my part by trying to help a small group of day traders reach their dreams.  If you want to learn more sign up for updates below, you will even learn how I am personally training someone with the LTD Project.


  1. Working hard and even in failure taking your lessons to be turned into a future success. That is the American Dream. Well done Marcello.

    When will you be running your next Day Trading Academy seminar or take new applicants to the LTD Project?

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