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Student Trader Makes 6.5 Points First Day Live

I would like to formally introduce Paul to you, he has a unique story and came to me with the same story that most of us go through in the industry.  I spent a lot of time and money and I am getting zero results.

Sadly, I have even been through it, which is one of the reasons why I started this site

I wanted to share his story because he was very hesitant to start with me.  He did what any serious person that wants to start day trading would do, he went out of his way to contact me to ask me what I do and how I do it.

I try to be very transparent on this site by giving you a realistic idea of what beginner trader results look like day trading Eminis and also show you my statements, as well as my traders statements, to show you what an advanced or pro-level trader can do.

Making 6.5 points on your first day live using my Congressive trading system? Paul is officially a Bad Ass training.  He first was trying to figure out how he was going to improve his trading since she was getting nowhere.  Paul happened to be a member of one of the many companies I have been a part of in the past assisting to develop trading strategies

He realized that he wasn’t trading a winning system and when his confidence waned with that system there was no way that he could be successful day trader. He contacted me again and I did what any person would do in my position, I sent him one of the recordings of the live classes at the time.

Since most day traders have lives and businesses to run, I make sure to record all my classes so all my traders around the world are able to view them any time. I have one trader to thank for that and if he’s reading this I say thank you kind sir.

If you are going to be trading tomorrow, July 11th, remember that it is FOMC day so the markets may act erratically in the morning.  Most traders either trader the early morning and call it a day or go take care of things until after the FOMC meeting comes up.  You can find the link to the news site that we use via the resources page on the site.

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