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Stocks Watchlist Sept 28 & Results From New Newsletter

As I write this we are comfortably huddled inside our new day trading center in Medellin, Colombia. I can’t describe the feeling I have every time I wake up to come to the center.  When traders convinced me to start teaching them to become consistent in the markets I had a grand vision.

I wanted to make an impact.

When the emails first came and people started to become consistently profitable I decided that we would have day trading centers around the world with actual traders.

This would allow us to combine the world’s of day trading and traveling, my two passions.

Fast forward a few years later, as the DTA family continues to grow, and I am watching a handful of extremely smart up and coming traders watching the markets.

Yelling because they didn’t get filled on a trade. Walking to each other’s desks to talk about the trades they took.

It is a feeling I can’t describe. Have a look at the center for yourself.

Day Trading Center

Our Day Trading Center In Medellin, Colombia

In two weeks we are going to host our first Military Training University (MTU) in our center in Medellin. This is a spin off of our one-on-one live trading training we started last year called Military Training (MT). Now that we have an ever growing base of Master Traders we are able to do more and more of these.

We are grouping this together with our first Master Trader Retreat in Cartagena, Colombia where we will do a little trading and a little relaxing.  After our MTU event we are heading to meet up with our trader in Brazil, Giga, to look for potential places for our day trading center in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro anyone?

The markets in the last few weeks have been fantastic. We can really see the manipulation with the big swings back and forth. The great thing about intra-day trading is that we are able to capitalize on these momentum swings and micro trends.

And have the cash in our accounts at the end of the day.

Here are two examples, Rene, an in house trader from Colombia made over 3 points, and Sebas, an in house trader sitting right in front of me, made 10 points.

We have also just started our Spanish live classes and soon will have our Portuguese live classes as well.

Rene’s chart:


Here is Sebas’ chart. Click to maximize


Last but not least is our watchlist for this week. We haven’t done a video for the last two weeks because we officially launched our investment newsletter to a select few of insiders. The results we have seen are very impressive.  We talked about Apple and Nike and others which saw great gains last week.

Watch the video below to see our watchlist for this coming week.

Stay profitable….

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  1. Remember when we were in Medellin with Shamir, you talked about what you were goin to do with those centers, where you’ll put the desk, how will gonna be the configuration ect…

    This is the final result ! 😀 Great job man ! Next time I’ll come I’ll see that !


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