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Recap May 12: $1.2 Billion Stolen in Cryptos – Trade War Returns (Recap Ep018)

This week the markets were affected by the situation between China and the USA, the so-called Trade War where the USA intends to apply custom tariffs by 25% to the products of the Asian country that enter the United States and create new retaliations of the Chinese country.
The Bitcoin went up 10.99% $ 6,300.45 cents; the news with cryptocurrencies did not finish there. Its security was violated when one of the largest stock exchanges of cryptocurrencies was hacked. 7,000 Bitcoins were stolen which corresponds to 2% of the total that owned the company.
The cybernetic company Cyber ​​Security confirms that they stole $ 1.2 billion dollars of Bitcoin in the first quarter of 2019. $356 million dollars in robbery and the rest corresponds to fraud schemes.
Central banks bought almost 30 billion dollars in gold in order to be less dependent on the dollar, which basically leads to the de-dollarization. It is predicted that in about 8 to 10 years the dollar will be changed for gold.

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