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Recap May 5: Stocks at Record Highs – Warren Buffet Another Bad Investment (Recap Ep017)

This week had a positive closure. S&P500 & NASDAQ closed at record highs. Chase Bank & Microsoft will start using blockchain technology. One of the future implementations would be for new pay systems. This made Bitcoin rise 5.43% to 5,671.86 In financial news. The ICI dollar index has reached its highest level in the last years thanks to the good american economy.
Europe’s oil refineries cut the supply purchase from Russia, reducing oil import in 10%, due to oil contamination. Because of this oil price is still up. The clean energy revolution has reached its breaking point. For the first time ever it has surpassed coal produced energy. Coal being one of the mos harmful and toxic for the environment. The European Union will start importing liquefied natural gas.

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