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Recap May 19: $1.2 Billion Fine Forex Manipulation – Microsoft starts Blockchain (Recap Ep019)

Today we talk about the big news of the week, which is the trade war between China an United States, Trump raised the tariffs up to 25% and China retaliated. This caused some chaos and is what most of all afected the markets internationally, due to this newes the markets plunged on monday, the DAO and S&P 500 had the worst day since january 3rd, the NASDAQ had its worst day since 2019 and had its biggest one day drop since December 4th 2018.

In other news, Bitcoin just had a great rise during the last week, it had not seen $6.000 dollars in almost 6 months and it crossed that level almost a week ago reaching above $7.000 for the first time since September 2018, other cryptos also did pretty well, and one o the main reasons for this is Microsoft doing its own decentralized project called “Ion” on blockchain.

Also, we talk about the annual conference the International Capital Markets Association is doing where they warn about the heavy reliance on debt financing and the slow economic growth which may lead to the creation of debt bubbles that threaten to de destabilize of the financial system.

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