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Recap January 19: Stocks Hit Record Highs Across the Board – Trade War Paused (Recap Ep054)

Trade agreement phase 1 between China and the US holds the Trade War! China pledged to buy goods and services from the US over the next 2 years, for the value of $200,000 Millions. The past week balance was: monday US stocks rose, tuesday were mixed due anticipation of the trade deal, wednesdays rose but just behind record highs, on friday the US stocks hit another record highs as well, due investors optimism on the data.

DAO went up 1,82%… S&P500 1,99%… NASDAQ 2,29%… Treasury Secretary said even though the trade deal is signed the tear-ups that were placed on China are sating there until they talk about the phase 2 trade deal. European markets are in a good shape, Latin American markets are mixed. African and Middle East markets are good. Asia and Australia markets are mostly higher.

Huge news for Bitcoin and Cryptos, options for Bitcoin are going to go live for the first time this monday, CME Futures (The largest operator in the world) is launching Bitcoin Futures due to its success, Cryptos rose 13,69% . ($8,876) The deficit in the US succeeded $1 trillion in 2019 since 2012. US Crude oil went down 0,99%… International BRENT went down 0,39%… Rhodium surged 45% it’s the most valued precious metal.

Russian Prime Minister Medvédev, announced that the entire Putin cabinet is resigning because of the constitutional change Putin is pushing for. Thousands of people are being evacuated in Manila, Philippines, due the eruption of Taal Volcano. Iran formally accused by three nations. Listen the Podcast to learn more. Stay tuned for next week’s Recap.

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