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Recap January 26: New Forex Funding! – Coronavirus from China (Recap Ep055)

Funding for Forex activated, we still don’t recommend it for new traders, but if you have enough experience come on over to Speed Up Trader, eventually we’ll have Crypto CFD’ stocks.

Coronavirus! New threat to the world arises, according to China Government, it already has killed 56 people and infected over 2K since the first case was detected last week. The virus has made it to other countries and so a new crisis begins.

Big selloff past tuesday, due the virus scares, wednesday the US market rebounded due a strong forecast from IBM, rose 3%, thursday stocks were flat again due the Coronavirus, friday the market went high on the morning and later reversed due a strong forecast from Intel, the chip maker. DAO went down 1.23%… S&P500 -1,06%… NASDAQ 0,79%… Bitcoin went low 4,89%

People are taking their money out from Switzerland banks 5 years of negative interest rates. Brazilian Energy Ministers claim Brazil is expanding their oil output rapidly so they plan to join OPEC after a visit to Saudi Arabia july last year, India also is to trade with them. France and the US have extended negotiations on the dispute over the new French digital taxes, charging over 3% negotiations go by the end of 2020. Amazon wants to allow customers to connect their credit cards to their hands and so creating retail terminals… Listen the Podcast to learn more. Stay tuned for next week’s Recap.

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