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Recap January 12: War with Iran Paused – Stocks Rise (Recap Ep053)

On this week’s Recap. The tension between Iran and the United States endures. Iran launched an attack to an US base in Irak, as retaliation of the killing of their top military General, there were no casualties. Trump hasn’t answered back yet. During this event, Iran destroyed with a missile a commercial airplane, minutes after takeoff by accident, killing over 100 people.
The US Dollar rose, seems this week. Bitcoin went slightly up $8K, but still not reached $50K. The US Commerce Department assures US firms have lost over $46.000 Million Dollars during the Trump administration since february 2018. Big rise and fall for Gold and Silver, due the US/Iran tension.
Taco Bell offers manager job in some stores of the US, selected personal can make $100K a year, but Trading is a better job without a doubt. Tesla rose 4,7% this tuesday, making its market cap over $85.000 Million USD, the highest ever recorded by an US auto maker.
Mercedes-Benz holds the crown of the best luxury car seller for the 4th consecutive time, beating BMW and Audi increasing sales for 1,3%. CES 2020 took place last week, UBER and Honda are developing electric air vehicles. Samsung is to show what the first artificial human is like. Amazon is working along Lamborghini to develop an Alexa system in its vehicles. Australia guide Lonely Planet chose Central Asia as best raveling region in 2020. Stay tuned for next week’s Recap.

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