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Recap January 5: War with Iran – Stocks Finish in Double Digits (Recap Ep052)

Happy New Year!! The year starts with global tension. US and Iran on the verge of war. First an US embassy was attacked, then the US responded with the killing of Qasem Soleimani, a senior Iranian top General, allegedly, targeting a terrorist group at a military operation in Bagdad, Irak.

2019 was the best years of the decade for Stocks, after 2013, with a favorable tax policy under the Trump administration, wether you love or hate Trump, it’s just facts. US markets plunged due the tension with Iran. DAO down .02 %, S&P500 down .15%, NASDAQ up .16%. The European market with the largest day one loss, past monday, with 1% losing. It’s 2020 and Bitcoin didn’t hit $50K value.

US crude went up .63.05 International Brent went up .68.70. Gold continues to rise .78%, Silver 1.63% The head of The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Charles Evans, says the fundamentals of the US economy are good at the moment “No need for lower interest rates any further at this point” giving an idea of what’s going to happen with the US monetary policy and global economy as well.

Top 3 best performers: AMD, Cayley Corporation and Lam Research. Tesla delivered its first round of made in China, Model3, producing 28 models per hour. Apple with a .86% growth in 2019. Trump to sign a trade deal with China. Stay tuned for next week’s Recap. Have an amazing year!

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