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Recap April 28: Stocks at Record Highs – Economy Grows More Than Expected (Recap Ep016)

This week historic records were hit in U.S. stock exchange with NASDAQ and S&P 500, there was a constant rise for almost three weeks achieving historic peaks, it is expected that it won’t last for too long.
On tuesday morning stocks for Disney, McDonald’s and Microsoft reached historic records.
140 out of the 500 companies in the S&P 500 achieved results above 20% during 2019.
In the international markets Brazil’s stock exchange was at the rise thanks to the pension reform, the markets in Germany have reached their highest point in the last 6 months, the Asian markets went down, In Europe the winner was Switzerland with 1.60% and the biggest loser was Turkey with -2.22%.
In the Latinamerican markets the biggest winner was the Bovespa in Brazil with 1.75%, the Merval in Argentina went down 6.79%, the Mexican stock exchange went down 1.22%, Colombia went up 1.52%, Santiago stock exchange went down 1.33% and Bitcoin went down 2.90% reaching 5,109.82

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