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Recap April 21th: Stocks at Record Highs – IPO week (Recap Ep015)

This week we talk about the rise in the markets, particularly the S&P500 and NASDAQ which reached record highs during this week. In 2019 the S&P500 has gone up 15.88% total, NASDAQ has gone up 20.54% total and the DAO went up 13.86%.

Also, multiple tech companies went public this week, some of them are Pinterest and Lyft. Pinterest was at $19 USD. Lyft, Uber’s competitor also went on an IPO starting with $72 USD. Another company that also did an IPO was Zoom, it is a webinars and online conferences company, they did their IPO at $36 USD, but unlike the other companies that went on an IPO, Zoom is making money, their shares went up 72% just during ther IPO.

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