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My New Day Trading Office in Brazil

My new day trading office in Brazil sits on the fourth story in the building of a small neighborhood called Santa Teresa.  To the left am able to see the entire coast of Rio de Janeiro, which includes the Sugarloaf mountain, and to the right you can see the Christ the Redeemer statue (not in the picture).  Most of the days here have been sunny with blue skies and I have been able to visit the popular Copacabana beach, I have not been able to pimp the tiny Speedos that these Brazilian guys where.

day trading in brazil

Our day trading in Brazil.

All in time right?

On Wednesday of this week I will be moving into my new apartment, roughly a block away of where I’m staying now, and will have a similar view of the entire city of Rio de Janeiro. The only difference is I will be sharing the apartment with a new partner name Brice, which is now a member of the LTD Project.

I will introduce Brice at a later time but all you have to know now is after 5  flights, a boat ride, two overnight buses, and seven countries, he will finally arrived in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday to start learning how to use my day trading strategy.

Bom Dia (Good Day) everyone!

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