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April 4th Recap: $4000 Available: Welcome to Brazil!

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro everyone!  I have quite a bit of trouble finding an apartment here in the city and the prices are so outrageously high, but I am sitting here with a great view of the mountainside and Christ the Redeemer statue. I will be sharing more pictures of my current day trading office soon and of my new apartment that I will be moving to next Wednesday.

 Today was not the first day that I trade here in Brazil, it was the third or fourth day, and I will be doing recaps for those as well very soon after I get caught up.  I can’t wait to start day trading in Brazil full time from my very own apartment!

rio de janeiro

Rio De Janeiro

I’m also going to be sharing the story of Brice, the third member of the LTD Project, and all the problems that he had getting to Brazil from Colombia. Want to start a new series called where is Brice now? Is going to be hysterical to know all of the problems that he had actually getting to Brazil.

With a great day in the market, I am giving out one free training program you can check the details of it by clicking here as the deadline is fastly approaching.  Happy trading everyone and Bem Vindo to Brazil (welcome to Brazil).

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  1. My day on the market was decent as well. 8 total trades with 7 winners and 1 loser for a total of about 4.75 points. 87.5% Profitable. Too bad I’m just paper trading for now.

  2. Feliz estancia en Brasil y en esa ciudad puedes visitiar el antiguo Maracaná (recuerdas el año 1950…jaja!!!)
    Un abrazo. Viva Uruguay!!!

  3. Hey Marcello !!

    Stop posting this kind of photos man, you are making me feel homesick !!

    Enjoy your time in Brazil !

  4. Wow, Fantastic pic!!!… and great day of trades!

    Please show and describe more of your premarket analysis on these recaps… and, describe market environment that causes you to take the trades… if you can… thx. You ROCK man, keep it up!!

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