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Recap From Our Military Training University: Next In Prague

Its has been a busy few months at the Day Trading Academy.

We completed a two month tour around Europe to be able to day trade and travel and now we are hosting our Military Training Universities (MTU).

Day trading italy

Day Trading in Venice, Italy

First was Houston and the second was in our trading center in Medellin, Colombia.

The MTU is an extension of our Military Training where we provide an intensive 1 week training on everything a person needs to get to the next level.

Here is a recap of our Houston event:

The Military Training was initially planned to be as intensive a training could be. It takes us normally 20/21 days to create a new habit. With a full week of intensive training we were seeing changes in behavior in just a short week.  To help other traders improve as well as introduce new pro trades developed by our Master Traders we would need to work with everyone one on one.

So far we have done a handful of these events and they have worked perfectly in bringing everyone to the next level. Whether someone is brand new to trading or needs to rise to intermediate or advanced we have been seeing great improvement with our traders attending the MTU’s.

Our Next MTU:

  • Prague: November 29th to December 5th
  • Houston: March 2015
  • Australia: April 2016

We are able to do this precisely because we have a group of traders (our Master Traders) with different styles.  We can match a trader’s personality to a specific Master Trader.


We look forward to our next event in Prague this November.  They say that Prague has some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe so we made sure to host our event there. 😀

Also would like to invite you to one of our free live class tomorrow Wednesday 9.30am. We will be analyzing the market live and answering any questions you may have about the markets or how we look at the market with the powerful Congressive Trading Strategy.


  1. Hi,

    I was interested in your MTU course being held in Prague at the end of November. Is this a course that would be suitable for a beginner?

    Any and all information regarding the event would be appreciated.

    In addition, if there were any further events in Medellin, I’d be highly interested in attending one of those as well.



    1. Hey Matt sorry for the delay we just found your comment in the spam box. We train everyone from the very beginning of trading all the way to experience traders as well. We have actually saved people months of training due to the MTU. The one on ones with our Master Traders are also very beneficial. You can contact us for more info:

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