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Graduate Master Trader 40% Winning Day: May 1st Recap

We are really behind in getting some of our recaps up since we have been traveling through Brazil, Jordan, Thailand, and Australia.

This is a chart from one of our graduate master traders (successful students that have graduate from the program and are now trading live) from May 1st.

This chart shows such a progression in this traders chart (a hockey player that play professionally in Europe).  He has a complete mastery of trusting his instincts and being able to have trust that the market is going to do what it is supposed to do.

We are started get caught up with our recaps and we just finished a full week of live market classes with all of our traders in our training program.

One may see in the chart below that he took a total of 5 trades  or the day. With only 2 winners he obtained a winning day with just a 40% win ratio (40% exactly).

May 1

The difference here are the pro trades. He took only two legacy trades (a trade one our basic curriculum) and happened to take a handful of pro trades aggressively.  We have been expanding our pro trades very regularly over the last few months adding a number of trades.

We have the responsibility to make all of our traders better.  We request that all traders that are trading live and are making money to help us teach all of our traders in our training program. This allows everyone to continue to obtain a high level of training since we do not allow anyone to teach that doesn’t actually trade live.

At the same time our traders are able to raise their level of awareness by teaches other traders their style of trading.  Extremely impressive chart from the trader we plan on introducing on Monday.

With a profit of 5.5 points he could have made upwards of  $2750 assuming 10 contracts.   He is doing an exceptional job.  We plan on sharing more of his trades in the future!

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