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Master Trader Dr. Z Records His Live Trades/ In House Traders Close Out $2500 Position

Our Master Trader Dr. Z shows us once again his ability to make profitable trades on a daily basis.   He demonstrates some key traits that are necessary to be a successful trader: being patient and waiting for the most opportune time to enter trades, and being flexible by adjusting his targets accordingly based on what he sees as the market moves.  He makes an overall profit of 4pt ($800 with 4 contracts or $2000 with 10 contracts) in roughly twenty minutes- it’s no wonder he’s a Master Trader!

Remember, it’s about making a few points everyday, not about getting rich overnight. Consistent profit, however big or small it may be, is the key to being successful!

You can watch Dr. Z’s trades from March 18 in the video below:

Click here to watch the video on YouTube if you are having trouble.

To add frosting onto that cake, our in house traders were able to close a $2500 position today on the E-Mini SP500 just before the day was over.  We’re always happy to show off their work because we are proud of their success.  Take a look at the chart below!


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