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Up and Coming Master Trader: 4 trades 10.5 Points on March 3rd

Editors Note: This is a recap by one of our up and coming master traders in our training program. Had an absolutely incredible day today in the markets with only four trades and over 10 points!

First day of a new month is always an exciting day to trade.  With all the geopolitical events going on I knew today had the potential for some good movement early.

 I wasn’t disappointed. After seeing the market opened with a gap down and then trade sideways I was a little excited because I have been working on my sideways moving market trades.  After the market opened I was waiting to pounce on a trade to the downside after the strong reaction off the upper resistance area.

Got my chance and bagged 2 early points.  

After the failure to continue down to the lower support and the strong move up through the MB and the zero line I was ready to jump in again for a move to the upper resistance area.  Got a great fill and a quick move up with some strength told me it might go more than 2pts and make a push through the area.  I decided to move my target one tick below the the last highest pivot.

What a great feeling when that thing filled for 4 pts!!!!  At this point I am up 6 pts in less than 10 minutes.  The thought crossed my mind that I should call it a day.  I decided to watch and see what happened.  After a good continuation and another push to the outer bands.

Editors note: It seems that all of our master traders are doing exceptionally well in recent weeks as our Master Trader Manny, aka The Trading Connoisseur,  broke a record in finishing his day trading in just a few minutes. Was ready to trade took one trade and was completely done for the day!

I wanted to be in on the next pull back I knew with the strength there was a strong chance of a shallow pull back I placed my order 2 ticks out and just got filled on the edge very lucky.  Let it run to the OB for 3 pts after it showed more strength.  

After that trade and continuation up I am taking everything and anything I got filled on a V2 that hit my target on the edge but didn’t fill and got a quick reversal with that kind of momentum I am just sitting back and waiting it out eventually after turning into a V3 I closed out at the target for 1.5pts.  

This is the first time I have ever made this many pts in one day and all in less than a 30 mins.  

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  1. Hello! My name’s Franc and I’m an English teacher working in China. I researched your site and would like to know more about the programs you offer. I want to compare time commitment and prices between your program and doing a bachelor in education. I have about 10K and 10-15h/week to invest.

    I found that investing in knowledge is usually what gives you the highest ROI 😉


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