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Ice Man-March 4th Recap: 3.75 Pts In 45 Minutes

Editors Note: The Ice Man returns. James has been taking his trading to a whole new level is what a little birdie told me. He went out of his way to change his practice for the professional hockey team that he plays for so that he could trade.  He now trains in the mornings and trades in the afternoons.  Another great day for our Master Trader James.

Hey everyone, don’t have time to do an extensive write up but wanted to share my chart for today. I have been getting  a few requests to share my charts so I will try to share on here more often, even if I cannot do a write up along with it. If you have any questions about the charts or want to ask questions, just shoot me an email!

Today was about adapting to the trendline that was being respected over and over again. When the market failed to continue to the downside between 940-950 eastern time, the market showed us a trendline that was being respected. I ducked out of the market at 1015 with 3.75 points. However, if you continue to follow the trendline, you can see the market respected it a few more times before failing.

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Ice Man 030514

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  1. Hey Iceman, beautiful trades! can you explain your risk management on the first trade before you doubled up?

    thanks for sharing the charts man!


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