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Our CEO Marcello Arrambide Has Decided To Leave The Day Trading Academy

Since the inception of The Day Trading Academy (DTA) our CEO and Founder, Marcello Arrambide, has been able to build something quite unique.  At DTA  we have been able to create a platform where traders are able to learn from other active traders.  It isn’t a company where one or two men come up with an idea and teach it to others.

In our training program students have grown to be proficient enough to be considered Master Traders.  Just today we were speaking with two of our Master Traders, the Hit Man and the Trading Connoisseur, and we marveled at their achievement of not having losing days in weeks.

In some cases they haven’t had losing days in months.

Once we are able to read the market the right way it is almost uncanny the ability we have to be able to make money in the stock market.

Best Job In The World

Best Job In The World

Slowly we have been able to integrate our Master Traders in the training program to teach. This allows them to get better at their own craft and most importantly be able to help others.   It would be very selfish of us if we did we continue to share our new abilities in the training program.

We are strong alone but we are stronger together.

The small amount of new recruits that we have entering the training program still allows us new perspectives on the market.  It permits the CongressiveTrading Strategy to continue to develop and adapt over time. The most important thing to maintain when becoming a professional day trader is to continue to learn as the market continues to change.  The second that we get complacent is the moment that we begin to lose money in the market.  Lots of money.

One can see the promising result of our new Military Training program that Marcello and others have been piloting. Being able to train traders one on one in a live market setting has created amazing results. Two of our Colombian traders have been able to go live in just 3 to 4 weeks after starting their own training.

It is because of this that Marcello Arrambide has decided to step down and allow the traders to organically continue to learn from each other.

The plans have been set in place to allow the company to grow via our Master Traders.  The Colombia and Brazil day trading centers will be passed off to their respective Master Traders to manage and grow.

Marcello will also allow traders to access the new day trading penthouse and center in Colombia to anyone that applies and receives approval.

At 29 years young he has decided to retire from the world of day trading and work all together. He will continue to update his day trading and travel blog,, as he plans on continuing to travel around the world.

He has purchased farm property in Paraguay and plans to retire there as he feels there is a significant global crisis that will arrive soon.

The real reason why Marcello has decided to leave DTA is because he thinks now is the time to begin a new journey.

Well, it is all a farfetched April fool’s joke.

He has made too many profitable traders to just stop now.  Beware the day trading army is coming to a city near you.

Stay profitable my friends.


  1. Veru Good Joke!
    But you are in Paraguay!
    My mailchimp email that I have sent you has tracked you down there in Paraguay!

  2. Wow! Had me hook, line, and sinker! I guess that shows how paranoid I am. 🙂
    The joke is on me. . . . . this time.

  3. Saw the email on my phone and immediately went to my home to read the article on my computer. Was entirely disheartened as I was hoping to be able to learn from Marcello in the coming months!

    Just an example of letting emotions take control of our reactions. You got us Marcello!

    Best wishes.

  4. Laughing out loud. Too funny. You guys tapped right into my subconscious with that one, because I actually think that way. Sometimes the best jokes hurt a little bit when you look at yourself.

  5. It’s not nice to fool with mother nature.
    At least Everyone read it attentively to the very end.

  6. What the #$@% ! I fell for the whole thing until I saw there mention of retirement on a farm… Nice one and looking forward to what the future holds without retirement!

    Again, thanks for sharing so much insight and providing some laughs along the way.

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