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Ice Man 5.25 Points on March 31st

Editors Note: Ice Man continues to dominate the market. Not that today wasn’t that easy to decipher. It’s quite easy to be able to make money in trending markets. The focus should be to make money in sideways or low volume markets. Overall the idea is to be consistently positive. We do have some excited news that we plan on sharing soon about all of our master traders and plans for the future. Hopefully it was a good day for you as well.

No need for a long write up today folks! I  Started off a little rocky as the first trade did not work out. Instead of being worried, I followed the momentum to the upside and got two consecutive winners.

This headed me back in the right direction. With the momentum still fairly strong to the upside, I was not hesitant to backup a legacy trade with a pro trade. Both trades ended up being winners and now I was rolling.

The final trade was a pro trade and I decided to call it a day with 5.25 points. If there is any lesson today, it is to keep following the momentum until it fails. I’m sure you have heard that somewhere before 🙂

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