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Student Trader Manny Cabrera – MDC Trading Academy

One our students is a very conservative trader Manny style of trading is most times he only takes a few trades a day and finished in roughly 10-15 minutes. Trading professionally for years now the reason why he has been so consistent is because he sticks to his plan on averaging 2-3 points per day.

It isn’t about making a million dollars a day (maybe it will be once we have our hedge fund up and running) its about making money everyday. Here are the videos of his trades are listed below.

Queremos felicitar uno de nuestros traders. Danyel Perez Novoa tambien de MDC Capital Group acaba de salir por primera vez en vivo esta semana y obtuvo 10 puntos netos en los mercados!!

Also please see the earnings disclosure at the footer of this page. Trading is risky and can involve a ton of losses.  Previous results aren’t indicative of future results.

Click here to watch the videos on YouTube if you are having trouble.

March 3rd

March 4th

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  1. Hey Marcello nice blog post I always watch your content and get much information from them.
    One of my favorite video was about investing in Penny stocks that you made a little over a year ago.

    Most of the companies you mentioned like ERBB are down big time since the initial hype that drove the prices up last year. This year I see ERBB going high many people are saying it can go to like $1.00. They just released their ZaZZZ vending machines I think they have 18 so far but what I am more thrilled about is that the stock price is only at 0.0115 as of 3/8/15 It just recently went above a Penny. From 3/04-3/06 I went up 40.24%!.

    I am optimistic 2015 will be a better year than 2014 and more stable due to the growing legalization of Marijuana. Many more states have legalized it since 2014 and not only that but a Judge is hearing arguments about changing the Schedule of Marijuana from level 1. What are you thoughts?

    I also see S as a strong buy its at like $5.00 and the CEO Claure recently bought 5 Million shares.
    and my other stock I really want your input in if you can is PBR. Petrobras.
    Back in 2008 it was at $70 a share and now its at $6.00 lol due to the outgoing scandal that im sure you are aware of. I know the company is under a lot of scrutiny but it is the 10th largest oil company and mostly owned by the 7th largest economy Brazil. I just have to believe that this company can’t go bankrupt or Brazil’s economy would be greatly impacted negatively in their economy way more then if they had to step in and Bail them out.
    I believe it is too big o fail IMO and see huge potential in these 3 stocks what do you think?


    Jason A.

    1. Hey Jason.. what happened with the marijuana stocks was purely emotional and also irrational. While the stocks may still ultimately go up over time we sold many of our positions with a huge profit. You can go to and see the actual screenshot of the profits. We made over 4,000%. These aren’t buy and hold stocks because frankly it may be a long time before all states legalize marijuana and it is also approved on the federal level. We recommend a few Oil stocks on our stock newsletter and they are doing quite well. We would need to do research on Petrobras… unfortunately they are in a very big scandal right now.

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