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Live Market Class Recap: July 2nd

Today was one of those days that was exceptional for trading, not only because we could have made done well, but also because there were very important lessons which each and every single movement.  There were so many opportunities to be able to take a graceful exit and learning the art of being able to exit a trade early is one of the things that is vital to trading.

I have been gone from the United States for so long and have been so busy traveling, day trading eminis, and teaching the students via this emini trading site that I completely forgot about the July 4th holiday.

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Rio De Janeiro

View From My Loft in Rio De Janeiro

We may see decreased movement and volume this week considering that the holiday falls in the middle of the month.  I just got back from my quick trip traveling through Peru, Chile, and Argentina.  I’m back home in my loft in central Rio De Janeiro and plan on diligently reworking the entire curriculum the next few days in order for the official release of the MIND Congressive Trading System.

We will be continuing the classes next week and the type of market movement that we have been seeing recently really shows you that if you have the right day trading strategy, you don’t need a trending market in order to make money.

I expect the volatility to increase as we continue day trading into the 2nd half of 2012 and for it to spike as we enter 2013.  Once the volatility really begins to spike you are going to wonder if you should have started day trading a while ago!

So educate yourself!

Learn what kind of day trading computer you need in order to get involved with eminis and set on the road like I have!  I just had a trader report live and direct with his first live trade in Qater and another trader that is set to report his results from South Korea! Fast internet isn’t that big of an issue as you think.  Here are the results from the class today, enjoy.



  1. Marcello, I sent you an email but the 1st two chaptere never came. I am been doing research and do not want to do this on my own. I am amazing with money but need a mentor and really want to learn to do this well.

  2. Nice post Marcello, and a great day for the traders. You might want to change the post title; we’re already in July ;o)


  3. HI marcello:

    An attendee from your Thursday Ninja webinar & would like to participate in your live class as promised in the webinar.
    I just register on you rsite for the free email.

    1. HI Dan… shoot me an email at support (at) thedaytradingacademy (dot) com and I’ll be happy to send you the details

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