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Live Trading June 29th – Not Greedy 3+ Points

I would like to let everyone know that this is a TradeStation Chart and not a NinjaTrader chart to actually show the live market for today.  If you don’t know, NinjaTrader has a replay feature which allows you replay the data.. there is not replay feature in Tradestation… I was requested to post this so feel free to verify the data and time of the post 🙂

7.17am CST – In trade looking for more upside due to strength

And The Exit….

7.20 CST – dont want to be greedy.. 3+ points is more than enough for me so far this morning

Looks like I left some money on the table….

7.29am CST – market continues to run up but still showing weakness….

So far I didn’t leave too much on the table

7.33am CST – inbetween areas waiting for next trade


7.49am CST – Spike to the upside looks like I left a lot on the table… lesson is that you should always be happy with profits.  I wasn’t comfortable holding for more and I would have had to hold through two retracements.  Even though the market ran I still feel comfortable with my decision and profit… is profit..

Looking for the next trade

Great Decision To Make Here In the Market…


Out…  4 pts.. think im done for the day.. dont car if it makes it any higher

10.20 am EST… done trading.. here is what happened next.. Looks like I left a lot on the table.. just over 10 points its time for a siesta and then out in Santiago to explore the town.


  1. Once again great posts Marcello… seeing the posts you put up are so motivational and inspirational. Getting emailed updates from you really keep my head up for whats possible in the future. I have 2 questions.When the training program opens again will it still be around the price before and secondly I saw your recent posts with your 17inch laptop so do you think a 17inch laptop would be good for a beginner trader or would it be better to get a desktop with 2 monitors. Thanks so much!

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