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Introducing Shamir Nazaraly – The Market Beast

Day-trading the futures markets is more than a career for us here at the Day-Trading Academy.

It is a passion and a lifestyle.

That being said, virtually all traders  encounter significant hardship on their journey to consistent profitability. Showing up every day to take decisions with hard-earned money on the line in an environment that is fundamentally uncertain and ever changing is not easy.

Day-trading is a performance activity and as such the most efficient path to mastery requires the guidance of an experienced coach and a supportive group of peers.

Here at DTA we are constantly working hard to improve our methodology.

We have Master Traders and students collaborating on the development of new set-ups (more on that in an upcoming post!). Our technical approach to the markets never strays too far from a few core concepts: momentum, price structure, and the expectation these two create over time on the chart.

Showing Shamir the local scenery during his Military Training in Colombia

Showing Shamir the local scenery during his Military Training in Colombia

Over the years since our mentor Marcello Arrambide started DTA with a core group of traders, we have been refining not only our system, but our educational approach as well. We have achieved great success with our one-on-one Military Style training approach and this prompted us to look for ways to offer more opportunities to our students to take advantage of our Master Traders’ insights and expertise (stay tuned for more on this topic).

As a coach, I feel great satisfaction to see my students achieve a level of mastery that allows them to confidently step into the cash markets and show solid results from the get go.

This is a crucial milestone on their journey to financial independence and the lifestyle they strive for.

Shamir Nazaraly is hands down one of the most motivated traders I’ve ever worked with. Calling Shamir relentless would be an understatement. He has been submitting so many charts through the months that I almost accused him of speeding up the replay function… It turns out he did not, he was just obsessed with trading and never missed a chance to look at charts and send them in with relevant questions.

Shamir’s first day of LIVE cash trading

Eventually, his pursuit of consistency urged him to take a vacation from a busy full-time job as a software programmer and fly from Paris to our day-trading center in Medellin (with his brother Shahin) for a week of non-stop chart-crunching Military Training with yours truly, the Hitman. And that was just the beginning…

Instead of getting discouraged or intimidated by the sheer amount of information and new perspectives he gained for the markets, he devoted every spare minute that he could stay awake to perfecting his own unique style, which is based on understanding the interactions between buyers and sellers as evident by the price movement.

Charged with a redefined perspective on the performance process of trading following his pro-level training, he went back to work on his trading for a few months. Keep in mind that Shamir has a newborn, works full-time, and finds time for physical exercises as well…

What would your excuse be for not putting some serious hours into your trading?

Shamir’s journey to consistency started in January and he went live just a few days ago. As you will hear from the man himself, he trades the afternoon session live while at work, putting on the line both his job security and his trading capital… and still managed to do well his first week of trading cash!

Naturally, he made some mistakes as well, but his overall level of performance is solid, his risk is always measured, and his decisions are mostly consistent with his approach. I would venture to guess that had he been trading without distractions at the comfort of his home, he would have handled the stress better and would have cleaned up with a wide swipe.

Shamir's second day of LIVE cash trading

Shamir’s second day of LIVE cash trading


Shamir's third day of LIVE cash trading

Shamir’s third day of LIVE cash trading

It has been a pleasure, no – a privilege, to work with such a motivated and intelligent trader. Shamir has earned his stars and his trading alias – the Market Beast!  Look forward to sharing his updates here on the blog. Our first French Master Trader!

Listen to his own perspective on the first days of LIVE trading:

Congratulations, Shamir!
Keep up the good work.
Traders, as always, let us know if you have any questions!
a.k.a. the Hitman


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