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Interview With 5th Colombian Trader After He Goes Live

Santiago has gone live in a very low volume and have made very good decisions so far in his trading.  I wanted to do a more in depth view of our fifth Colombian trader to showcase some of his trading.  Overall, everyone in our training program is able to average roughly 2 points a day.  Many of our Master Traders are able to average between 3-5 points a day. Below we will be updating the results of Santiago trades for the last few few months.

Here is his first live chart. Three trades total but one trade (the second) was not a trade that he took as we were adjusting his platform). The first trade he wanted the stop at 3 ticks but could not move it due to the error on the platform.

The last trade of the day was a beauty for 2 full points.

You won’t be able to appreciate this trade unless you were watching the market live. Watching the market during that trade was similar to watching grass grow.


Listen to Santiago in his own words below and see the report updated shortly at the bottom of the post.

Everyone who wants to learn how to trade now a days really has it easy.  They can learn at any time of the day and even on the weekends as well as nights.  10 years ago we had to watch the market live and do a lot of bar by bar (moving the charts with an arrow) in order to get the same effect. Santiago was able to practice and watch our recorded live and review classes in order to practice several simulations a day. Here are some of his results before he was ready to go live:

Zapata April

Here are the simulations and the results from May.:

Zapata June

Last but not least, are the simulations from April. He was able to even make money in the low volume environment. His results fluctuate between 1.5 to 2 points a day. As the volume pick up and he continues to improve he will be able to reach 2-3 points a day rather easily.

Zapata June

We have one more trader that is going to be joining the ranks of our live traders. He needed to head to the capital, Bogota, in order to obtain a visa and will be starting live this Monday. We will post his interview very soon.

Stay profitable!

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