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Graduate Master Trader June 10th Recap: New Born Baby Witnesses 2+ pts

Well today I arrived home from my workout at 3 oclock Norway time just in time to sit down and watch the market.

My baby is now one week old and it has been a lot of sleepless nights, as many of you parents would know. I grabbed him, sat down for a nice lesson! Figured I would start him young! Maybe he will be the face of DTA when Marcello is old and grey!

Editors Note:  This is what it’s all about at the Day Trading Academy.  We are a family, a real community of day traders that truly and sincerely want to help one another.  We have our Graduate Master Traders like Ice Man run our live classes and even give out their personal emails to help all of our traders.  Our founder & CEO, Marcello Arrambide, plans on meeting with Ice Man (his nickname of course) in Puerto Rico when he is getting married.  That will be right after we meet up with another one of our Graduate Master Traders that is taking his entire family to Italy!  Soon we will announce the commencement of the Day Trading Army….. stay tuned.

Meet Ice Man (nick name of course) and his new born.  Congrats my man!

Meet Ice Man (nick name of course) and his new born. Congrats my man!

The first trade of the day didn’t work out for me, but I would take that trade all day and twice on sunday as Manny would say. Quick T1 that works out to the downside and the final trade of the day was an entry that I had to be patient for.

I have been aswering several questions about how much I stray from HTS and whether or not I skip valid trades. I would say that I take 95 percent of the legacy trades, and I only added some pro trades, AFTER I was consistent with the valid HTS trades.

Some may look at the final trade of the day for me as a pro trade but in reality all it is is a legacy trade with a deeper entry. There was a chance that the trade would take off without me because I waited but I am okay with that.

Ice Man 0612

The FYL was near the outer band so I thought there was a good possibility of a deeper retrace. The beauty of waiting for the entry is that you are able to minimize risk. Here I only had 3 ticks risk on the table because I felt if it got to 1644 it was going to fail.

It ended up working out and I took my profit at the slowdown. Screaming baby meant it was a time to call it a day. 3 trades for 2.25 points. Not my best day but its better than losing and not bad for a half hour of work!

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  1. First part of this comment is, nice example of taking it smooth and trading for only a short period per day! Been following this blog from times to times, but now I want to do the same. Second part is: when and where is the next training taking place! I’d pay gazillions to join in! Continue your good work at showing that day trading is a feasible thing without breaking to much sweat! Nice one with the baby!

    1. Hi Michel… we actually do all of our training online. Feel free to get in touch via the following email support (at) and we will be happy to help.

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