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Day Trading in Colombia: To the Coffee Region & Beyond!

Day Trading in Colombia is one of my most favorite countries to day trade from, I say that because Colombia is one of my favorite countries in the world.  Not even Somalia or South Sudan could come close!  The combination of great people, beautiful women, low prices, and an attention to detail and fun brings together a very unique city that I call one of the best cities to live in the world (If you want to know more about Medellin check out my travel blog at

After living in Africa for roughly 4 months I decided to come back to Colombia to get my bearings straight and decide where I was traveling to next.  I’ve decided to stay in Colombia, possibly look for a nice condo to buy (if the price is right), and then move on to the Carnival in Barranquilla and eventually make it to Brazil.

But now its time for the coffee region in Colombia

The plan is to see various cities and pueblos (small towns) via the coffee trail in Colombia.  I’m interested in testing out the internet speeds in the pueblos to see if they actually have decent internet.  Colombia overall has excellent internet and reliability and speeds have never been an issue.:

The Colombian road trip will last at maximum 10 days as we explore various different cities via the coffee region.  The highlights are listed below:

  • Jardin
    • (possibly Jerico)
    • Indigenous Indian Village
    • Locals looking for gold in rivers
  • Manizales
  • Pereira
  • Salento
Picture credit: Gustavo Andres on Picasa web

The Tallest Palm Trees in the World in Salento


  1. Looks amazing Marcello! I hope to see more pics on your travel site when you return. BTW, I like how you arranged the maps in 233/610 style 🙂

    1. I’ve been all over DR! Drove the entire North and Southern coasts! All the way from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata

  2. How were the internet speeds and reliability? been thinking the same thing be able be down there for 3-6 months and trade.

    1. Internet in the interior is not up to speed but I was able to tether my blackberry back in the day and use the internet off the phone in order to trade. 3G is a bit slow but it turned out alright. As long as you are in a major city I think you should be alright.

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