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First Casualty of 2015: Dr.Z Makes 5.5 Points (Live Trade Recording)

We haven’t been able publish the recap of our amazing year in 2014 just yet.

Thank the beautiful movement in the markets so far this year.

With another retracement approaching in major equity markets around the world market volumes have skyrocketed.  This of course is great news for our traders since we thrive in these kind of markets.


Oil has collapsed, there is no end in sight for the crisis in Ukraine, Cuba is now able to sit at the Big Boys Table“, and I almost forgot to mention two traders from our Managed Accounts Unit cleared 41.84% since going live July 13th 2014.

Dr. Z’s 5.5 points today, of which he recorded live, is just the cherry on top.

Reporting live and direct from our (first) day trading center, the markets so far have shown us that it will be a great 2015.

We have confirmed our annual pro trader’s seminar in Tampa, Fl for Feb 21st and 22nd of this year (Sat and Sunday). We are going to do something a bit different this year. We are going to allow 5 people that are not in the training program the opportunity to come and see what we are all about. Since we focus more on price action, instead of indicators and software, we feel that many people will be able to benefit by attending. Click here to contact us for details.

It’s also awesome to meet everyone at the DTA Family. This is the first time that all of us (minus the almighty Ice Man) will be together in one place. That is of course until we can drag Superman out of the United States and get him to an exotic location with bright umbrella drinks and blue green water.

Here is the video of the live trades from our Master Trader, Dr. Z.  Feel free to watch on YouTube if you are having any issues. He netted 5.5 points in total for the day. With just one contract that would be equate to $275 and with ten contracts $2750 USD.  Even with just one contract, $275, at 260 calender working days for the year someone would make $71,500 with that kind of average profit per day.

Just shows how impressive the futures markets are to trade.

 PS: Two of our in house traders are up nearly $2,420 today on Gold alone. See all of our investing recaps here.


Stay profitable…..


  1. been getting your letter for a very long time, still don’t know how to take the course online or in Medellin and the costs, sure wish you had an easy way to schedule a class online


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