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Trader Shares His Journey: Over A Month With No Losing Days (Colombian Traders Net $5903.20 In Profits)

We just returned from the United States to pick up necessary technology for our new trading center that we are setting up here in Colombia. Things are moving much faster than expected and we are going to host our first ever MTU, Military Training University.

This is where we are going to have a small intimate group of traders with us as we provide training via a live market environment. We are bringing down three of our Master Traders to help maximize learning in small groups. The idea stemmed from our Military Training program. This is where we have one of our Master Traders sit with a trader for a full week in a live market environment.

This wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have our Master Traders.  These are traders that have been through our training program and are now trading successfully live in the markets.

Doug mentions in the video below how our unique community helped him to reach this amazing level of consistency.  This is where The Day Trading Academy sets itself apart from anyone else in the industry.

We give all the credit . We use these traders to improve the strategy, train our own in house traders, and now open our new trading centers around the world.

First, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing positions that our Colombian traders have made today. They nearly caught the entire run to the upside on the S&p 500 which is incredible.  Have a look at this amazing chart:

Click on the chart to maximize


The were also able to close another short position in gold that netted nearly $6,000.

Make sure to follow The Day Trading Academy’s Twitter page to see our live positions on the market. This worked absolutely perfectly.

We also discussed on The Day Trading Academy Stocktwits profile how we were looking to reach 1994 due to the Fibonnaci Confluenze Zone.  Have a look at the chart below (click to maximize).


These Fibonacci Confluence Zones are beyond powerful. The more areas that line up the more powerful it becomes. Notice how each time the market reached the Fib Confluence Zones how the areas either act as resistance or how the markets pulls back to the area and continues.

Best of all these indicators are 100% free.

This means that you don’t have to buy any software or indicators and rely on other companies to provide you with this information. The goal is to teach you how to fish to feed yourself for a lifetime instead of just feeding you for an evening.

Hear from Doug below on his unique journey to achieving over 1 month of trading with no losing days!

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  1. Great story Doug.

    This has given me encouragement because i’m currently at that stage of breaking even every week for the past 5 weeks and grinding away trying to find consistency. It seems like every time i feel like i’m close to a breakthrough, i take a step backwards.

    Keep it up

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