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LTD Project March 1st Recap ES (Live Video): 2 ticks on 3 trades

Day Trading 6E EURUSD

I think the worst part of a losing day like yesterday is the anticipation of having to wait so long to get back in the market to get a fresh start. Come to think of it, weekends are kinda the same way for me now. It’s ironic that when I was working a construction job […]

LTD Project March 1st Recap 6E (Live Video): +10 ticks on 4 trades

Day Trading Course

Our first attempt at recording our trades for the day wasn’t the best.Fortunately the audio for the video was corrupted and wasn’t available. We still were able to record the entire session for both the 6E markets in addition to the ES. Many of our traders have started to look at other markets including the […]

Jonathan's Feb 27th Recap: 2 pts on 1 Trade

Jonathan's Feb 27th Recap: 2 pts on 1 Trade

This morning I didn’t trade in the 6E market, because as I previously mentioned, I was advised to stay out of that market during any news, of any kind, that is expected to affect the Euro. Todays news was supposed to be an exceptionally high-impact bond auction, which took place over an undetermined amount of […]

Feb 26th Live Market Class Replay: $4,600 Avail for Beginners!

Feb 26th Live Market Class Replay: $4,600 Avail for Beginners!

Sit in your chair and imagine this for just a moment. It is a horrible day, it’s hot, and there is nothing to eat and the house. Your seven years old, loves sweets, and have a problem that in politically correct America we call “weight challenged”. All of a sudden a chime jingles. Could it […]

Jonathan's Feb 25th Recap: +1.75pts on 3 Trades

The day trading academy marcello arrambidePart of The Day Tradng Academy team & students (from left to right, Jeremy, Jonathan, Marcello Arrambide, Rick)

Meet Jonathan! One of these successful members of the LTD Project that we plan on highlighting over the next few months. Jonathan has been focusing on trading the Emini S&P 500 at has also started to focus on the 6E.  One of the things that we admire about Jonathan is his discipline and focuse. We […]

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