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Recap From Our Military Training University: Next In Prague

Day trading italyDay Trading in Venice, Italy

Its has been a busy few months at the Day Trading Academy. We completed a two month tour around Europe to be able to day trade and travel and now we are hosting our Military Training Universities (MTU). First was Houston and the second was in our trading center in Medellin, Colombia. The MTU is an extension of our Military Training where we provide an intensive 1 week training on everything a person needs to get to the next level. Here is a […]

Making Money In An Economic Crisis & Recession

How to make money in a recession and economic crisisHow to make money in a recession and economic crisis

Making money in an economic crisis is hard isn’t it? That is the common question many have directed at me over the last few years. Can I make money day trading in a recession? The truth is, things are tough out there. The global economy hasn’t recovered since the 2008 crisis. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Although the official unemployment rate is 5.5% the real number is above 10.9% if you include those that have stopped […]

Day Trader’s Lifestyle: Epic Eiffel Tower View in Paris

Day Traders LifestyleFirst view of the gorgeous Eiffel Tower

Our Day Trader’s Lifestyle has allowed us to reach… Paris. We have scoured the beaches of Brazil. Viewed the majestic beauty of her majesty’s Taj Mahal. Swam in the Epic Infinity Pool in Singapore. We have even (glamorously) traded on top of a freezer, tipped over sideways and on top of a ping pong table, in the remote corners of Somalia. We decided to choose something a little romantic this time. Not that these sexy guys above aren’t my type, it is just […]

One Trade at a Time…

One Trade at a Time...

This article is adapted from an email response by our very own Master Trader Nikolai to one of our promising pro traders. The key to trading well is to truly understand and habituate a discrete process – one trade at a time, every trade is for itself. Emotions tend to carry-over from one premise to the next (because we are human), but they create an illusion of cause-effect or correlation, when in reality, trades are discrete events… Simple fact, but counter-intuitive to our […]

The Week Isn’t Over Yet But We Had To Share These Results

The Week Isn't Over Yet But We Had To Share These Results

The market has been rallying this week and we have seen a exceptional movement for trading.  We wanted to share last weeks results in the meantime because we have seen absolutely amazing market activity. Many of our traders have been able to excel in this type of environment. One of the most important things in learning how to day trade is understanding how to read the market properly. Our Master Traders are able to adapt to whatever the market has thrown at them. […]

Recap Of Our Student Charts From Today’s Live Class

0429 NinjaTrader Chart0429 NinjaTrader Chart

Want to thank everyone who joins us for the live market analysis class this morning. Even with one of the biggest news items of the year, FOMC, and a completely sideways market, we were able to extract roughly 6 pts (for beginners) from the market in roughly 1 hour. I wanted to share the charts from our student traders and Nikolai, our Bulgarian Master Trader, from their trading today for those that weren’t able to make it. 6 points for those of […]

Superman Proves You Don’t Have to Win Big Every Trade

Superman Proves You Don't Have to Win Big Every Trade

We are in an industry where large rewards are promised. In our fast paced culture we want everything yesterday. Many people think that they are going to learn how to day trade in a week and start making millions of dollars. Wrong. Learning how to trade takes patience, discipline, and tons of perseverance. Many people also don’t realize that we do have losing days and some days we don’t win big. We think it is important to be transparent and talk about the […]

What Do All Successful Traders Share?

Jim Nikolia Marcello MannyFrom left to right; Nikolai, Marcello, Jim, Manny

I recently had the privilege of going to our annual seminar to learn and meet students and teachers alike who have all had a tremendous impact in my own personal journey of making day trading my profession. Upon coming home and digesting all the great information I received I pondered on how I got here. Along this endless journey to be the best we can be at our profession I always look back and try to assess what was valuable and what wasn’t to […]

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