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Pictures of my Day Trading Offices around the world

My New Day Trading Office in Brazil

day trading in brazilOur day trading in Brazil.

My new day trading office in Brazil sits on the fourth story in the building of a small neighborhood called Santa Teresa.  To the left am able to see the entire coast of Rio de Janeiro, which includes the Sugarloaf mountain, and to the right you can see the Christ the Redeemer statue (not in the picture).  Most of the days here have been sunny with blue skies and I have been able to visit the popular Copacabana beach, I have not […]

My Day Trading Office In Buenos Aires, Argentina

day trading in buenos airesYou didn't think I took Day Trading seriously did you?

There are times in when you have to pay attention to every detail in the market and there are other times when you can really relax.  The beginning of the current market volatility that we see in the market started when I was day trading in Argentina.  Because of the increased volume and larger moves that we have see in the market I was able to focus much less on exactly where to get in and get out.  You could  make more […]

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