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My Day Trading Office In Buenos Aires, Argentina

There are times in when you have to pay attention to every detail in the market and there are other times when you can really relax.  The beginning of the current market volatility that we see in the market started when I was day trading in Argentina.  Because of the increased volume and larger moves that we have see in the market I was able to focus much less on exactly where to get in and get out.  You could  make more mistakes and not necessarily get filled at the right places and still do excellent in the market.

day trading in buenos aires
You didn’t think I took Day Trading seriously did you?

I still remember it like it was yesterday how I could multitask like never before.  I would enter a trade with a somewhat precise price then get a glass of water and even read the news for the day.  Once I heard the computer say “target filled” I would come back and do it again.  We aren’t always able to do this because as all things in the world, the market dynamic always changes.  The kind of market environment that we have had in the last week has been much more volatile and we have had to keep a closer eye on the market in order to ensure that we minimize our risk and maximize our reward.

I’ll be posting more offices soon.  My day trading office in Buenos Aires, Argentina was one of the first every since I started traveling around the world.  I have had to trade from a ping pong table that was held up by a freezer when I visited Somaliland.  Stay tuned for more day trading office updates!


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