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Introducing Shamir Nazaraly – The Market Beast

Introducing Shamir Nazaraly - The Market BeastShowing Shamir the local scenery during his Military Training in Colombia

Day-trading the futures markets is more than a career for us here at the Day-Trading Academy. It is a passion and a lifestyle. That being said, virtually all traders  encounter significant hardship on their journey to consistent profitability. Showing up every day to take decisions with hard-earned money on the line in an environment that is fundamentally uncertain and ever changing is not easy. Day-trading is a performance activity and as such the most efficient path to mastery requires the guidance of […]

Day Trading Academy Reviews: Jose – First Full Week Live (Trading 1 hour A Day)

Day Trading Academy Reviews: Jose - First Full Week Live (Trading 1 hour A Day)

Editors Note:  This Day Trading Academy Reviews is brought to you by Jose, one of the newest members of the training program that has gone live.  Really love to share these stories as these aren’t just students in the program trading sim and practicing from week to week.  I love the fact that Jose only trades an hour a day and he has still be able to see great results.  He is now trying to make the transition from working and finding […]

The Day Trading Academy Review: Master Trader – James

The Day Trading Academy ReviewsThe Day Trading Academy Reviews

The Day Trading Academy review is brought to you by James.  He is an American that is living and playing professional hockey in Europe.  He has become one of our graduate master traders that has been through our unique training regimen and achieved success. James has a very unique story because he was not able to attend many of our live market classes or our review classes.  Since we have traders from all over the world we record all of our classes. This […]