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Day In The Life Of A Trader: Penthouse Edition

Beaches of Brazil

Beaches of Brazil

The day in the life of a trader brings us from Cartagena, Colombia, all the way to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It is one thing to be able to travel around the world on your own.

It is something completely different when you are able to travel with your friends and family.

The Day Trading Academy family.

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This was a very special trip for me, because I was able to travel with a few of our Master Traders for the first time.  The vision that we have had for years was the ability to have the freedom to travel with many of our fellow traders.

It has gone from the life of a single day trader to the lives of several day traders.

A few years ago during our Master Trader retreat we visited Manny, the Trading Connoisseur taking his family to Italy for a month, Nikolai, aka The Hit Man who quit his job (for the last time), Brice our million dollar fund trader, and James aka the Ice Man, who was introducing his newborn baby to his wife’s family in Puerto Rico.

The only person we were missing was Mr. Jim Steel, the trader we call Super Man.

Super Man Trader

Our ode to Super Man for not joining us on the trip

We missed you Jim!

We were already laying the foundation for the future.

On this particular trip we were joined by Nikolai and Manny. They were going to help in our very first MTU (Military Training University).  This is where we took all of our in house traders and student traders so we could together, watch the live market for a week.

We had our Master Traders trading live in our VIP Room (at least that’s what our Colombian traders call it), our student traders trading live, and had one of our Master Trader’s walking around and helping everyone with their individual decisions in the live market environment.

It was a grueling week, but most definitely worth it.

By the end of the trip, we observed substantial results from our student traders and witnessed a significant improvement in their ability to see the market in the correct fashion. We plan on doing many more of these one week long Military Training Sessions, because we were able to experience such impressive improvements,from our student traders.

Brazil as always, was absolutely amazing.

I can still easily recall the time, when I was living as a day trader in Brazil. I was able to call the country my home for 6 astounding months.

We first started in Porto Alegre, where we were going to meet with Giga our Brazilian trader. He is helping us with our trading center in Brazil. Together, we explored the city to see if it would be a good location for our new trading center.

Afterwards, we arrived in our amazing penthouse suite in Rio de Janeiro, just steps away from the famous Copacabana beach.

day trading in rio de janeiro

Manny & Nikolai day trading in Rio de Janeiro

We spent nearly a week on the beaches of Rio alone.

After Nikolai and Manny left, I proceeded back to Porto Alegre. This was where I made plans for the trading center in Brazil with Giga.

We were also looking for investments in southern Brazil, as well as scouting locations for our future day trading center there. The vision for the center in Brazil, was to have an endless amount of offices cascading along the beach.

Just imagine being able to turn on your computer and having THIS VIEW!

Garopaba Brazil

Garopaba Brazil

This is the view from Garopaba,Brazil.  It is small little fishing village in the south,located roughly 4 hours away from Porto Alegre.

This may well be the site, for our new day trading center in Brazil.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip and I look forward to spending more special moments with the DTA family. Last year, Nikolai and Giga were able to spend the December holidays, in our penthouse here in Colombia.  This year, Manny is bringing his entire family to spend the holidays here.

This in reality, is what it’s all about.

It is the primary reason why we say day trading is a lifestyle, not a profession.

Living the life of a day trader doesn’t mean just making millions of dollars. It is about having total freedom.

Financial freedom, time freedom and location freedom.

Manny was able to travel with his entire family to Italy, and now he is bringing his entire family here to Colombia. The outstanding thing is, he is still able to trade the markets while he is on the road.

Stay profitable…..



  1. Hi there

    For some reason I couldn’t listen to your webinar two days ago (Dec 3, 2014). I knew that it was recorded. Is there anyway you can share the link so that I can listen to it again? I know that you are expending in Latin America. I’m currently studying in Europe for a master program. Do you have any location in Europe or in the United States? Otherwise, do you have any online class available?

    1. Hi Lawrence.. we do all of our training online actually so we have students from all over the world. From South America to Europe and Asia, we even have a student in Congo (Africa). Feel free to get in touch so that we let you know about availability.

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