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The Life Of A Trader: Our Master Trader Retreat in Cartagena

When we started The Day Trading Academy we had a vision.

Although we were day trading and traveling on our own it wasn’t that much fun.

Not when we could trade other traders to do the same.

To have their freedom and have the ability to live life the way it was meant to. We now have a growing number of Master Traders that are doing just that. Manny, The Trading Connoisseur, has traveled with his family to an endless amount of countries.  From taking them to live in Italy for an entire month all on his trading income to visiting Venice, Florence, and even Rome.

Colombian Traders

He has even spent time in our day trading center in Colombia.

Nikolai, aka The Hit Man, has been able to traverse the globe as well.  All because he has the freedom now to day trade in the markets from anywhere in the world.

We have many other traders that are now traveling around the world and achieving their definition of success.

Casa Pombo Cartagena

The special thing about our traders now at The Day Trading Academy is that we are able to travel with a lot of our traders.  This was our first Master Trader Retreat event where we took various trips with some of our traders. It was a combination of new school and old school. Many of our new in house traders joined us while our old school traders were there as well.

Soon all of our traders will be able to travel to our various trading centers around the world.

Next up is Rio de Janeiro!


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