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Photo Friday: First Master Trader Retreat in Cartagena Mansion Edition

Our very first Master Trader retreat has been planned to start in Cartagena.  We understand that day trading is all about making money but we look at things a little differently at The Day Trading Academy (DTA).  We consider everyone at DTA to be family so day trading for us isn’t so much about making money as it is about living a good lifestyle.

Having a good lifestyle means spending time with family.

The reason why we have been able to succeed with markets that have changed so drastically over the last 10 years is because we look out for each other.

We help each other develop trades when we see new ideas and continue to adapt the strategy that we all use over time.

It is also important to help each other enjoy those well deserved profits in the markets as well.   The reason why we are hosting our first Master Trader retreat in Cartagena.  We’ve rented out a mansion in the center of the historical district so that we can have some rest and relaxation. Have a look at this beautiful place.

Casa Pombo Cartagena

What our office will look like 🙂

The entire bottom floor opens up to a pool where we can enjoy our leisure time since we finish trading in just an hour or two a day.  We know that most people think about day trading as flashy cars, women, and money.  We do things a little bit differently at The Day Trading Academy.

Don’t get us wrong….

There may be a few parties thrown and a handful of day traders gone wild. But, we also are going to enjoy each others company. Manny, aka The Trading Connoisseur, is going to come with his wife to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of raising a few kids. Oscar, one of our original traders in our trading center in Colombia, is going to be celebrating his anniversary of 4 years with his girlfriend.

We are going to have roughly 5-15 traders join us.

Afterwards, we are going to be hosting our first MTU (Military Training University) live trading seminar in our new center in Medellin, Colombia.

We just moved into a new office that is much larger than the previous one in order to continue with our unprecedented growth.

What our breakfasts will look like :)

What our breakfasts will look like 🙂

Once the MTU is finished, we plan on taking the Bulgarian Hit Man, Nikolai, and Manny, to Brazil.  We are going to be visiting our Brazilian Master Trader, Giga, in Porto Alegre and finally arriving in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro.  It would only be an official Master Trader retreat by ending in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Enjoying the Capirinhas on the beach and waking up at 11.30am for the markets is exactly what we plan to do.

The last time we traveled with our Master Traders it was during our Master Trader Tour.  We traveled around the world to meet them in their moment of success. Manny took his entire family to Italy, Hit Man officially quit his job, Ice Man was introducing his new baby to the family in Puerto Rico, and Brice , Mr. Millionaire, was attending the famed Calgary Stampede with our founder, Marcello Arrambide.

Look forward to sharing updates to both the seminar and our upcoming retreats. We hope you had a profitable week!

Click the chart to enlarge and see current PnL


Oh one more thing…. have a look at our live position right now on Silver. We had a great live class this morning and we plan on holding long term. Check back and 2-4 months and lets check where the price of silver will be. We have been saying repeatedly on the blog that silver is due for a major run and we just took an amazing entry.

Stay profitable…..


  1. Marcello i received an e-mail the other day saying you were going to quit selling your DIY course i can not find the page to purchase your DIY corse and was wandering if you could e-mail me a link to purchase this before you no longer have it available it would be very much appreciated Thank You so very much

    1. Danny sorry my man but that offer is now expired. Right now we do have a few spots left for our normal training program however.

  2. Careful to the Silver I don’t see that it will go Up I see the opposite for next weeks.

    Good entry for sure, but you had take the profit on the trust up.

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