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So The Best Day Of December Just Happened – Our Student Traders Killed It

So that just happened.

No it wasn’t that China just surpassed the United States as the largest economy in the world.

No, the best day of December just graced us with its presence.

The reason the volatility spiked is because of the overnight session where everything was crashing it seemed.

Surely that brought selling pressure over to the US markets causing a micro retracement on the daily chart and a huge run to the downside in the overnight session.

ES Daily

One of the things we love most about day trading and making money in the financial markets is the ability to make money when the markets go down. We make a significantly higher amount of money when the market goes down than when it rises.

This is a wonderful scenario as we are expecting another economic recession and crisis in the coming years.

What other jobs would allow you to be able to work in your boxer shorts, coffee in hand, and make money in an economic crisis?

Almost everyone in our live class this morning did exceptionally well handling the fluctuations. There won’t be a major analysis of the markets today, just our student’s charts from our live class this morning. Most of our students were able to gain double digits returns, including the almighty Superman.

18.75 Points (so far at this point in the morning) for Superman (click on any charts to maximize)

Jim 120914

Oscar, one of our in house traders in Colombia continues to improve, 9+ points for Oscar

Oscar 120914

Don 120914

Antonio 120914 Zuluaga 120914

Mauricio 120914

And it wouldn’t be correct to not show you our Managed Accounts Team open live position in Gold worth over $4,400 USD.  They have a closed PnL today at $1,739.60.



  1. Hey marcello!!! I love it every day, is not only making money but like you said, make the right decision, look at the environment first, then look at the fyl, zero line, mid band, what direction the fyl is . patience, and stick yo the decision. dont said I should of taking that trade, no is wrong thinking like you said marcello. What works is I talk to myself, and if its the right decision even if i plan well. Sometimes it doesnt go our favor. Is ok. would you said that I put it on a good terms Marcello/

  2. Hi Marcello, I would love to learn how to day trade from your academy. Would there be anyway to enroll in your program from asia? Thanks!

  3. I have done that twice. I hope that it will be available soon. I really need help with my day trading. Thanks.

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