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Collapse of the American Dollar

United States debt crisisUnited States debt crisis

The collapse of the American dollar is being accelerated in a massive way by the way the United States government. This is a result in how it is funding the escalating debt and liabilities of the federal government. As stated previously in another article the United States is now unable to fund through taxation over 40 % of the national budget.  This is one of the major challenges of investing in 2013. It becomes quite troubling to realize that the U.S. Government […]

The Impact of Debt on the Value of the Dollar

United States National DebtUnited States National Debt

The impact of debt on the value of the dollar is being closely watched by domestic and international investors. In a previous article concerning the decline of the dollar we discussed the evolution of the dollar in the second half of the 20th century. The decline in the value of the dollar over a generation was coupled with economic growth and a continuing rise in the standard of living for many Americans. The shrinking dollar was a cost that most Americans seemed […]

The Decline of the United States Dollar

The Decline of the United States Dollar

The decline of the American dollar is still rapidly in motion as a set of fiscal and spending policies by the American federal government create a perfect monetary and economic storm. The continued strength of the dollar at the end of 2012 is more a symptom of the weakness and in one case the non-convertibility of other currencies. As much as a number of countries would like to disembark from the American dollar the alternatives are not plausible given present economic conditions […]

End of the Euro?

Euro Crisis

The end of the Euro is a possibility that investors must consider. There has been numerous reports about the exit of Greece from the Euro-zone.  The experts continue to speculate how and when this will occur.  Greek participation in the Euro-zone was based on the belief that the Greeks would be somewhat responsible on government spending and debt. Alone maybe the Greek crisis would have been more manageable but there have been similar problems in Ireland, Portugal, Spain and now presently Italy […]

Why Germany is Bringing the Gold Home

Gold Duetsche Mark

Germany is bringing the gold home. The government of Germany has asked that a large portion of its gold reserves that have been kept abroad be returned. Since 1973 Germany has not bought or sold any gold except what is released to their mint for commemorative coins. Germany has the second largest gold reserves after the United States. Germany at present owns about 3,400 tons which has been kept in 4 locations. These locations are New York, London, Paris and of course […]

Prospects for Investing in 2013

investing in 2013

What will successful investing in 2013 require as we continue to watch the European Crisis unfold? How will the ticking American and Japanese debt bomb effect financial markets around the world? What if a war breaks out in the Middle East or an effort by one or more countries to stop the Iranians from acquiring a nuclear bomb leads to a protracted conflict? These issues will all effect the opportunities that will be available to investors throughout the world. Here at the […]

Challenges For Investing in 2013

investing in 2013investing in 2013

Investing in 2013 is going to pose many challenges.  We at The Day Trading Academy will begin to take a look at the many issues that investors and business people in the United States and the world will be facing. The most pertinent question being what to do next? The major currencies of the world are being devalued daily by a massive printing of money in an attempt to stimulate new economic growth and pay for rising government debt. In the long […]