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Stock Watchlist August 25th ($1628.80 In Profits So Far)

So far we have been able to see excellent results in not only the US Equity markets but also the Colombian markets.  We have been able to work closely with Colombian traders to see gains of over 20% in the Colombian stock market. Soon we will be able to extract profits from the both the Mexican and Brazilian markets as well. The goal is to have the opportunity to diversify and also look to make higher profits overseas.

With the dollar devaluation over the last several decades expecting to continue there may come a time where it is better to trade foreign markets.  This is the foundation that we have been laying over the last few years to trade any market around the world. The possibility to switch between markets interchangeably would be ideal for us.

Also we have been continuing to look at the Gold and Silver markets with great interest. We have repeatedly mentioned on the investing blog what an opportunity there is right now.


Click on the chart to maximize and see the live PnL at the bottom right. We just opened several positions on Silver and closed a position on Natgas today for roughly $1600 profit.

That is one of the beauties of being able to day trade.  One can make money at any time of the day. With a predetermined target we were able to hold that for a few days for excellent profit.  Also excited to announce that we have officially launched our insider newsletter program with already a handful of stocks reaching double digit gains in just a few days.

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Stay profitable…..

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