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Aug 23rd Recap: 5.5 Points (Possible $2750)

After returning from what seems like an eternity I was able to day trade today and make just over five points in under 90 minutes. There have been quite a few comings and goings since I last posted a recap. We have had some of our graduate master traders share some of their trades via our market recaps page.

There are many advantages to having an effective day trading system. A long time ago we decided to start training in-house traders to see exactly what it takes to become a professional day trader. We wanted to gauge things like amount of time spent in the market, what percentage of traders would actually win, and also refine the learning process for others that may want to live their dreams through day trading.

Day trading at this point in my career is fun. The challenge does not lie in making money, the challenge actually lies in beating the market. Due to a rigorous travel schedule and advancements to the back end of our membership platform I decided to take a break from day trading and boy did I miss it.

My love for the markets almost drew me to get a tattoo of a stock market bull while living in Rio de Janeiro. Thing goodness that didn’t happen.

One of the beautiful things about having a group of in-house traders is that I really don’t have to trade anymore. I enjoy trading and also love to see other people succeed as highlighted in our recent graduate master trader tour. It was good to be back in the markets although we had slow volume. The market was trending beautifully and we had a set of micro trends where things setup beautifully.

It felt good to get back into the swing of things.

Many of you have been asking where we are located now and we are happy to announce that we have arrived in Colombia to start our first day trading center. Within five days of being in the country we have already found a beautiful five bedroom penthouse to house the center. Look forward to sharing our updates and getting back into the swing of things.

Have a great weekend and remember, the profitable my friends.

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