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NEW WanderingTrader Podcast: Brice Peressini – Trading A Millionaire Dollar Fund, Traveling The World, What It Takes To Achieve Your Dreams, Epic Mustaches, Cycling, Street Art, and More.

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We just introduced the WanderingTrader Lifestyle Podcast on our sister site,

Since this is an interview with an amazing day trader and friend. We decided to post it here on the DTA blog.

A couple of years ago I had the great pleasure of meeting Brice Peressini, another day trader traveling the world.

At The Day Trading Academy we always come up with nick names for all of our Master Traders.

It is…. a right of passage.

When you have a nickname (insert Soprano’s voice) you made it.

He trades a million dollar fund, has the balls of a champion, and the heart of lion.

With our similar interests we soon became good friends, later traveling to several countries together.

Once we even planned a last minute trip to Brazil that ended up being a crazy connection game for Brice as he rerouted his entire travel schedule to get a Brazilian visa, something we had both forgotten about until it was almost too late.

Brice tells the story on todays podcast while I dissolve into laughter and you’re sure to laugh along as well.

But the hilarity doesn’t end there, with other stories about Carnival in Colombia, giant headphones and scary bus rides we find the time to chat about some of Brice’s favorite travel tips, memories, and projects.

He takes some time to give us his best advice for earning our freedom and what it takes to live the lifestyle you envision for yourself.

From being a day trader to living over 5 different countries, to running a website about Calgary, Canada’s best restaurants, we talk about it all on this episode of the Wandering Trader Podcast.

If you’ll be around Calgary Alberta in Early August make sure to contact Brice and try to attend his art exhibition about street art around the world. His pictures are amazing and it’s sure to be a great showing.

Brice Peressini Trading Voyageur

In this Episode You Will Learn About

  • How Brice defines “Freedom”
  • A last minute trip to Brazil that turned into a crazy adventure.
  • Brice’s favorite thing about travel.
  • The two things that are imperative to traveling well.
  • Brice’s “must have” item for travel.
  • The multitude of passions that Brice has, and how he expresses them all in the online sphere.
  • Brice’s one great piece of advice for getting your lifestyle to the way you want it to be

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  1. This has been a very inspirational podcast. Thanks for the interview and looking forward to the next one!

    Cheers from Rio de Janeiro!

  2. I wished there were more information about trading, but this podcast shows you where trading can take you. Trading buys time for you to do things you want to do such as travel and other passions. However, it takes a lot of work and discipline to be successful like Brice and Marcello.

  3. He may call that hectic travel schedule to get to Brazil ‘freedom’ but I’d call it exhausting. Listening to you two, I’m very glad I got over my wanderlust when I was in my 20’s.

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