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The Official Coffee Of The Day Trading Academy

Bad Ass CoffeeWhen I offered to do the Military training with a few of the guys in the training program everyone was excited because it provided me an opportunity to do more effective training and it gave everyone an opportunity to receive an education that would far exceed what they were doing already.

One-on-one training is best kind of training

I learned a lot about the format and also the amount of energy that it takes to commit to one of the sessions. I have been training all of the guys from the Learning How To Day Project and while that is very time-consuming and training, it was nothing like the Military Training.

I plan on making some updates in regards to the process but I am currently in the midst of a moved to Brazil.  To the right you see the coffee that Mr. Don Giordano brought me from all why, is also an avid traveler and now we have found the official coffee of the Day Trading Academy.


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