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Military Training In Australia – $5723.46 Closed Positions & $10,658 in Open Positions

Our adventure day trading in Australia has begun! There hasn’t been a recap in quite sometime and since we are currently in Australia hosting our first Military Training on the continent we felt it was time to get caught up.

We have brought a handful of our Master Traders and we plan on visiting the Great Barrier Reef by setting up a stronghold in the North East near the city of Cairns.

We started with a cold day in Sydney.

Day Trading in Australia

Day Trading in Australia

Our Military Training is comprised of a full week of live trading with our Master Traders.  This means no theory, no looking at what already happened, this is real live trading one on one with our Master Traders.

Adapting to the time frame has been the most challenging for us. On the East coast of Australia the markets open at 11.30pm (Sydney time). Some of our traders have decided to divide sleep into two separate sessions. One in the evening starting at around 4pm in order to wake up for the market open at 11.30pm.

This is followed by the second session starting at roughly 4am (2pm market time) to wake up at 8am for our Military Training.

Here is a chart that shows some great gains even trading (and monitoring) our positions during the early hours of the morning. For those of you that follow us we shared this trade live when we entered the trade. We just exited on Friday for a profit of $5,723.46 and now have open positions of $10,658.

day trading in sydney australia

Day trading in Sydney Australia

We prefer to have very small class sizes in order to personalize the training. We have always believed that one of the reasons we have had so much success is because we personalize everything for our traders from the very beginning.

Most people don’t realize that we cannot learn to trade out of box.

We can’t try to copy how someone else trades. We need to create the capacity to trade in a structure and adapt to what the market is doing. This is the reason rules based trading is obsolete in the current erratic and ever changing markets.

Indicators and software are almost useless at this point. Everyone thinks that these automated black box trading systems actually work. Unfortunately indicators and software calculate information in the past, it’s called lagging information. The only way to become a proficient trader is to understand what the market is doing. In other words,

Here is a picture of our current setup in Sydney, Australia.

Military Training in Sydney

Military Training in Sydney

This is the vision of life that we hold sacred, day trading isn’t about making money it is about living the lifestyle that we want to live.

It isn’t about making a million dollars as much as it’s about making enough money to not worry about money.

To spend with those that you care about and not worry about money in the process.

It’s also about taking care of those that we care about and love. I’ve had the pleasure of spoiling my mother rotten and taking her to a country that she has always wanted to visit is no exception.

Imagine asking your mother what country she has always wanted to visit in her lifetime and then telling her, well let’s go to Australia.

This of course is the reason why we day trade for a living, to spoil those that we hold dear.

Day trading in Sydney

Day trading in Sydney

Here is a picture of the group here in Sydney.

Look forward to sharing updates to our trading events here in Australia!

Stay profitable….


  1. Hello, I live in Perth and was wondering if there will be an opportunity to attend a live class by you guys. I would like to go through the academy’s program but cannot find information on pricing etc.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Grant good to hear from you… the Military Training we are currently hosting is a live trading event that lasts 7 days. During the week we trade live with all of our students and our Master Traders. We won’t be doing any public events but would be happy to meet up. Tomorrow we are heading to Cairns however and leave Australia on the 10th. If you are interested in our program we can let you know about availability by contacting us through here:

      1. Hi Marcelo,

        I have some experience trading, have my own system etc, but one thing i would love to be a part of is the community. And its always good to keep an open mind and broaden horizons.
        I haven’t yet set myself up remotely, but plan to do so in the coming months.
        I would love to catch up and chat about trading while traveling the world.
        Who knows, perhaps i may become part of your trading academy.
        I am based in Sydney. Are you planning on being in Sydney again before you leave Oz?

        1. Hey Ryan good to hear from you my man. We aren’t going to have much time when we get back to Sydney but if you want email us through the contact page and would be happy to get in touch! Always great to connect with other traders.

          1. No worries, i’ll shoot through an email soon.
            Enjoy the rest of your time in Australia 🙂

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