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Student Trader Jared Talks Going Live & Why Day Trading Isn't Just About Technical Analysis

This Day Trading Academy review is brought to you by Jared! Really excited to share our successful student trader story from Jared.  If there is one thing that is important to understand about becoming a professional day trader is that technical analysis is only part of the game.

When we started the Day Trading Academy it was because of the demand of traders and we take that responsibility very seriously. We always want to make sure that we are there for all of our traders no matter what.

It is the very reason  why we have integrated our graduate master traders into the training program and also only take a limited number of students periodically. Learning how to day trade is as much about technical analysis as it is about understanding disciplined and the psychology side of trading.

Jared highlights review The Day Trading Academy with some of the struggles of his own trading when he initially went live and how he was able to overcome those challenges with help.

Just recently we met up with some of our graduate master traders that quit their jobs.  There was even a trader that took his entire family to Italy for the summer. We are now in Colombia getting ready to open the first of our new day trading centers around the world.

Soon everyone in the training program will have the ability to receive one on one training (what we call Military training) and sit beside some of our new Colombian traders.  We do not want to get ahead of ourselves but we have put in a contract for a five bedroom penthouse that is roughly 2300 ft.² (214 m²).  This will allow anyone of our traders to come and learn how to trade even with their families.

We are really excited for what the future holds!  Its all about living the lifestyle that allows you to day trading & travel!

Congratulations again Jared! Look forward to seeing you join the ranks of our graduate master traders.

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