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Recap September 8: China Launches Digital Currency – Germany almost in Recession (Recap Ep035)

In today’s recap we talk about the big news in cripto currencies this week with the announcement by the payments department of the people’s bank of China that they’re launching a new criptocurrency that’s gonna be similar to Facebook’s Libra. This new cypto is gonna be able to go across all major payment platforms including WeChat and Alipay.

Also, we talk about the blow the UK Prime Minister Johnson’s Brexit strategy recieved by lawmaker voting to delay the country’s exit from the EU. Johnson wanted to call for a snap election in Octobre 15th, now the options he’s got are to bypass legislation requiring a 2/3 majority or doing a vote of no confidence to start its own government.

Overall this week the Dow is up 1.49%, the S&P 500 is up 1.81% and the Nasdaq is up 1.76%. Hong Kong had its best performance of 2019 on wednesday rising nearly 4%, their exchange is up 2.6% for 2019, the bigger winners here are the property developers. The european markets are mostly higher this week Italy being the biggest winner up 2.93%, the Merval in Argentina is the biggest winner in Latin America with and increase of 12.40%.

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